Allen County Nonprofits Are Integral to Development, Says New Research Study

Allen County Nonprofits Are Integral to Development, Says New Research Study

Research conducted by Fort Wayne-based True North NPO and the University of Saint Francis, in association with and on behalf of the Alliance for Human Services, heralds the position of nonprofits as a major economic force in Allen County.

Bolstered with data compiled from multiple sources, including the IRS Business Master File (as of August 2017), the “Economic Impact of Allen County’s Human Service Organizations” study began by identifying 1,478 nonprofits in Allen County. The State of Indiana itself boasts 27,367 organizations designated as a 501(c)(3) entity.

The study then narrowed their list to 373 nonprofits classified as “human service” organizations in the county. According to the data, those 373 nonprofits directly employ 11,174 workers, representing 1 out of 20 paid workers in the county and contributing more than $722 million to Allen County’s gross regional product.

The combined annual revenue for the selected 373 totals over $405 million, with an additional $552 million held in assets.

On the strength of their employee numbers, the “human service” nonprofits establish their field as the second largest employment sector in the county, ranking 6th in terms of aggregate employment wages.

The study further broke down their study by analyzing the county’s 100 largest “human service” organizations, selected by their revenue totals. The Anthony Wayne Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped and Blind, with 423 employees, has a revenue total of over $30 million. The YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne employs the most out of the 100 selected (1,585) and brings in the third highest total revenue.

According to the survey, program services and investment income account for more than 50% of total revenue for the 100 largest organizations.

As taken directly from the study’s printed literature: “It is our hope that this report provides important insights into the nature and impact of Allen County’s human service organizations that can inform community leaders in nonprofits, government, and philanthropy, advancing partnerships in policymaking, funding, and policy implementation.”

The Foellinger Foundation and the Communiy Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne contributed financially to the “Economic Impact of Allen County’s Human Service Organizations” study.

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