Healthy Eating for All Concerned: Local Author's Book and Video Series Schools

Healthy Eating for All Concerned: Local Author's Book and Video Series Schools

This article was previously published in the Issue 6 | May 17 edition of the Fort Wayne Ink Spot Newspaper

Nikki King's mom is from Mississippi and her dad from Tennessee. They from Da South; they cooked and dined accordingly. "It's very important that food tastes good," King said. "If it's going to be healthy, it has to be good."

King has married her predilection for done-right flavors, a healthy-eating lifestyle, and her passion to educate kids, authoring the book "Healthy Eating For Kids: Teaching Your Child To Eat Healthy In A Fast Food World," a #1 best seller available for purchase on Amazon for $10. Serious inquires can also buy directly from the author; call her at 260.418.7153.

King holds a Master's Degree from Ball State University in Early Childhood Education and a Certificate in Early Childhood Administration. She teaches Ivy Tech students how to be preschool teachers as an Early Childhood Nutrition and Early Childhood instructor.

"The goal is to help parents (or even adults) to save money, to cook quickly, and to eat super healthy." As noted on the back of her book, "Healthy Eating For Kids" aims to stem the tide of early childhood obesity that introduces diabetes and heart disease.

King and her husband, Jimmie, have been off prescribed medicine for their high blood pressure and cholesterol for eight years, a fact the author and instructor ascribes to their pivot towards healthy eating.

"Don't let anybody tell you that you're going to be on medication for the rest of your life," King said. "I was told that because of my race I was a victim," a doctor told me that. That really motivated me to get off the meds.  The couple stopped using their medicine the same day.

The Kings had meddlesome side effects from the medicine anyway. Her husband's year-long cough (not a cold) was attributed to his blood pressure medication. Nikki's kidneys were hurting because of her high blood pressure medication.

After the healthy shift, King became a certified health coach. Her first "client," her mom, lost 90 pounds, on a new meal and exercise plan. My cholesterol doctor asked me what I was doing.  "I got on my program and lost 40 pounds."

King's diet plan doesn't mean becoming vegetarian; instead it relies on healthy alternative to traditional dishes, like using lean meat options.

King uses the platform of her cooking show to bring those lessons directly to folks, through a video series that's uploaded once a month on her Facebook Page, Cooking with Nicole.

The video series is filmed at King's home. She can also make house calls--without the film crew. King will come to your kitchen and show you how to make tasty, delicious, and simple meals, affordably.

Again, to purchase Nikki King's book, Healthy Eating For Kids, or if interested in a house-call cooking session with the author, call her at 260.418.7153. The $10 book can also be purchased on

Her cooking show can be found on Facebook: Cooking with Nicole.