Where Did it All Begin?: The Exodus of Natural Food

Where Did it All Begin?: The Exodus of Natural Food

Editorial by Evelyn J. Frierson, CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant)

I recently led a nutrition education session that was no different than any other.  A host of heads shook, agreed with disgust on the state of affairs within our food system.  Familiar suggestions such as noticing smell or size of products that are already outpriced for certain segments of our population were brought forth.  Then a sudden realization came of how we are conditioned to want things that aren't even good for us.  We are assuming and trusting that everyone has our best interest at heart when in fact, the very thing that God provided us for sustenance becomes the very reason for our death. 

Where did it all begin?  How did we allow ourselves to be drawn into a cataclysmic situation that appears impossible to overturn?  How do we create a paradigm that says “no more!” to big corporations that get really fat off of our dollars that are meant for survival?  We have at this very moment an exodus of whole foods, being replaced with manmade, and we don't even know it.
As of July 2018, a U.S. judge allowed lawsuits over Monsanto’s Roundup, a weed killer, to proceed.  The charge: causing cancer.  That is still up for debate, but Monsanto’s Roundup may have dire consequences for agriculture, like rendering soils infertile, crops non-productive, and plants less nutritious, according to a 2009 European Journal of Agronomy article.

At the nutrition education session, we talked about the deformed fruits and vegetables that are becoming more prominent on retail shelves, not to mention the absence of smell in the larger retailers.  A farmer's market yields the smell and taste of “whole” natural foods, but we have somehow found them to be an inconvenience when in fact they are less expensive and more wholesome than their conglomerate counterpart.  One woman remarked on how grapes don't taste like anything anymore.  The room erupted in agreement and neighborly conversations for a moment on how they grew up with grapevines in the neighborhood; and oh, those concord grapes!

But why can't we find that type of quality from “big business”?  The press to mass produce and create industry to meet supply and demand has cost us so much!  From the factory accident of dismemberment or death; to the burying of a 36-year-old having colorectal cancer – the price is phenomenal. 

What part may we play in making sure our lives are optimal because of our own choices? It almost plays out like a science-fiction novel when you realize that corporations actually will have control over us biologically.   See, almost every decision and reaction our brains (and hearts) rely on is from nourishment.  Improper nourishment yields improper results from behaviors and emotions, to the psychological and physiological.  So, imagine if we aren't operating with God's divine appointment (whole foods from the earth) for His divine people, what then?  Is the chaos all being manufactured?   Nutrition is key to so many things, and if there were ever a way to recapture pure, wholesome, goodness in food, we will have gained the world again!

What do you know that is going on out there with our food system?  I know there are so many things for us to “talk” about these days.  This topic is critical – and I don't see anybody addressing it for what it is!  We're skimming the surface, and we're really not getting to the root of the situation.  Yes, some of the surface is a good start, digging in a little deeper is really important as well – and perhaps the incentive for the adjustment to lifestyle even more.  When we learn the motives are much to our detriment, then we can't help but become a little more concerned for ourselves, one would hope.