FREE 5K R.U.N. For W.A.R. Walk/Run September 3, 2018

FREE 5K R.U.N. For W.A.R. Walk/Run September 3, 2018

Keith Mitchell-Burnette almost walked away from the very real struggle that is nonprofit sustainability.  He tasked his nonprofit Returno, Inc., founded in 2014, to fight racism, nebulous and intangible.  Recently, Returno has focused its aim to combat the rage and uncertainty that has caused the seemingly continuous string of shootings across the city.

Mitchell was down until he ran across an entrepreneur group meeting at Hobo’s Bar & Grill, when he was just out looking for some late-night soul food.  The group’s members meet on the regular to discuss how to assist with each other’s projects.  Mitchell got recharged that night and has put all of that strength-in-numbers comradery into his newest project.

Returno, Inc., is hosting a FREE 5K R.U.N. For W.A.R. Walk/Run over Labor Day Weekend on September 3, 2018 at McMillen Park, to, according to their online literature, raised money to provide free training and seminars for building community unity for developing and restoring safe communities and strong families.  Prizes will be given away to attendees.

“Unity is the elixir for every problem in the black community,” Mitchell said.

And unity will be encouraged and personified by the inclusion of the 3-on-3 Jam & Jelly Barbershop Basketball Tournament featuring the various barbershops from across the city who will come together for the cause.  $1,500 will be awarded to the 1st place team and $750 goes to 2nd  place.

Dr. Rudy Kachmann will also be in attendance to provide information on health and wellness.  Mayoral candidate John Crawford is also set to speak.  Parkview Health and the Wayne Township’s office, headed by Trustee Rick Stevenson (set for an appearance), His House Men’s Apparel, Fleet Feet Sports, and 3 Rivers Pharmacy are sponsors for the event.

Local hip-hop artists will perform at the event and attendees can register to vote.  “We can have an impact of who handles our resources at the local level,” Mitchell said, about the importance of voting in the next election.

Another social barrier to be usurped, outside of the racism and the shootings, is the lack of manufacturing opportunities, and the jobs inherent to the industry, on the Southeast Side, according to Mitchell.

“Manufacturing requires energy and unity,” Mitchell said.  “When you’re a producer, you determine your self-worth.”

The 5K Walk/Run will serve as a springboard for Returno’s ultimate goal: to purchase 220 acres of land, close to the old Harding High School building, at a cost of around $2.5 Million Dollars, to provide space for manufacturing and agriculture opportunities.

According to Mitchell, an agricultural hub for development will provide unlimited “what if” scenarios for self-sustainability. The 5K Walk/Run is hopefully a prelude for world-mending things to come.

To register for the 5K Walk/Run, hit up the event’s website: