Identification Needed: Fort Wayne Colored Giants

Identification Needed: Fort Wayne Colored Giants

The Fort Wayne Colored Giants, an all-black baseball team, assembled for a team picture in the mid-late 1920’s. Their manager, Moses Taylor, can be seen in the front row, first from the left. John Leslie Taylor, presumably Moses’ brother, is next to him.

That is all the information that is currently known about this historical picture. The African/African-American Historical Society & Museum (AAAHSM) of Allen County just received a copy of the team picture through an anonymous donation and needs the help of our readership to identify the remaining men assembled.

If anyone in our readership can identify the rest of the Fort Wayne Colored Giants, or can provide any details about the team, email the AAAHSM at

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Fort Wayne Colored Giants, 1920s1.jpg