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Putting Fort Wayne and Herself on the Map: An Interview with Addison Agen

Fort Waynk Ink Spot
Putting Fort Wayne and Herself on the Map:  An Interview with Addison Agen

Written by Genevieve (Gena) Epps, 95.7 FM WELT Deejay

There is something in the water in Fort Wayne, something that cultivates untapped talent.  Beautiful compositions of literature, art, and music have yet to be divulged.  Enjoy the journey of teenager Addison Agen as she radiates love for music, faith, and courage as the runner-up of The Voice Season 13 in 2017. 

Gena: How has the experience impacted you, and what doors have been opened?

Addison: It was amazing; 60,000 people auditioned, so to get to the blind audition was incredible in my eyes. I’m just thankful. It’s has been life changing, and I see clearly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m almost done recording my second album, which is super exciting, and I’m working with Sweetwater Sound, which is also amazing. I love that company. I’m fortunate. Some people wait five to six years before getting a product out.

Gena: I assume it takes audacious courage to audition. How did you even muster the courage to begin the process?

Addison: You know The Voice wasn’t even on my radar at all. My Spanish teacher heard me sing the national anthem before a volleyball game and started the process of looking up Voice auditions. There was one more slot for auditions in Chicago and two days after her initial call she drove me to Chicago. That was the worst audition of my life. I forgot the words, the melody I was mumbling, and I had to start over. I almost stared crying. [But] I made it. I guess that was the path God had for me.

Gena: Let’s talk faith, church, and the views on Christian and secular music?

Addison:  My church is very supportive. I think it’s really cool being a Christian who is a secular artist. I show people who I am by performing Christian songs as well as secular songs. I am able to invite you in, and it’s not just Christians only. Even to those who don’t know him can leave my performances knowing that he loves them. I end every show with a message song of love.

When I went out to California I didn’t expect to find so many Christians or other people of faith there. I was pleasantly surprised to find out many people connected to the show were worship leaders, pastors and youth leaders. Seriously, it amazing and empowering all the way through I grew in faith so much.

Addison Agen’s interview will air in its entirety on Epps’ radio show, Speak Now: Jamming With My Jazz, on June 15, 2018 from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., on 95.7 FM WELT. Epps’s show plays jazz ranging from vocals to instrumental, from classical to contemporary, creole, urban acid, et al. She also uses covers to original pieces.