Adrian Williams

Sickle Cell-Educating Bridging the Gap’s Christmas Donation When: December 8, 2018

Adrian Williams

South Bend, Indiana-based Beacon Health Systems and Bridging the Gap held their first annual Christmas celebration event at the Times Corners Crossing Apartments’ Clubhouse location.  The event was sponsored by the African-American Health Alliance, For Goodness Cakes, Fresh Market Grocery, GOAL y Amigos!, and Beacon Health System.  Volunteers from Ivy Tech assisted with decorating and wrapping most of the gifts for the Bridging the Gap group and their families; the community college also donated a monetary surprise gift of approximately $200 to assist with upcoming events.  More than 300 gifts, including two laptops, were given away.

The Bridging the Gap group, created in July 2017 by Sue Taylor, Beacon Memorial’s manager of early childhood services, helps educate youth with sickle cell.  

“We would like to give thanks to all our sponsors.  Without them we would have not been able to have such a gala event,” said Beverly Lymon, Sickle Cell Care Coordinator.

Volunteers from GOAL y Amigos!