The Well Women’s Weekend to Remember When: May 5, 2018

The Well Women’s Weekend to Remember When: May 5, 2018

Co-Pastor Glenda Griffin (Changing Life Ministries), Minister Lady Vixen Simone Walker (Joshua Temple), Pastor Daisy Whitfield (New Hope Covenant, Broxton, Georgia), and Pastor Rhonda Bolden (The Well of Fort Wayne) at The Well of Fort Wayne, 1315 South Hanna St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802.

Pastor Rhonda Bolden, First Lady of the Well of Fort Wayne Church, began the Well Women’s (3-day) Weekend to Remember, Saturday edition, with a promise. “You won’t leave here like you came.”

The Well welcomed guest speaker Pastor Daisy Whitfield of New Hope Covenant CFC out of Broxton, Georgia for the empowerment weekend. It was Whitfield’s first time visiting Fort Wayne.

She echoed Pastor’s Bolden’s statement, addressing the crowd of women who attended the event in a church not on the traditional day of Sunday but on Saturday. “Know you’re in your overflow,” Whitfield said. “You need to look at yourself as not the same person.”

Minister Lady Vixen Simone Walker of local Joshua Temple spoke after Whitfield. “Your time is here, your time is now,” Walker said and repeated at the beginning of her ten-minute speech.

“My faith was shaken. I questioned if I mattered to God,” Walker said, after recounting how she was brutally beaten and raped at the age of 14. She endured a drug addiction through the 1980s and was hopeless with three children, until she was renewed by God.