4th Annual Lighthouse Scholarship Ball When: March 10, 2018

4th Annual Lighthouse Scholarship Ball When: March 10, 2018

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) and My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) once again celebrated and awarded young men and women with their latest scholarship ball, held at the Embassy Theatre. NewsChannel’s 15 Terra Brantley hosted.

Hip-hop lyrical legend KRS-One (Lawrence Parker) served as the event’s keynote speaker. The legendary rapper gave props to the virtue of words throughout his speech, saying and saying again how “the words you choose will define your reality.”

Kye Black, a linebacker at Davenport University (DU) and former MBK mentee, echoed KRS-One’s words about words.

Black told the story about how Davenport’s admission officer questioned the authorship of his own purpose statement in his admission packet.

Black’s words on the phone convinced the officer of her error. “We are what we say,” Black said.

According to Virgil Tharp, the executive director of Bedrock Youth Academy and chief executive director of MBK/MSK, each scholarship recipient can earn up to $1,000 depending on their involvement with the program over their last four years of high school. 10 recipients received an average of $700 per scholarship that night.

The young men of My Brother's Keeper: Andrew Rhodes, Diontre' Jones, De'Vion Jackson Swain, Breon Kinnie, Deion Powers [PHOTO: WBR]