Scholarships and Academic Awards from Wayne Township When: July 12, 2018

Scholarships and Academic Awards from Wayne Township When: July 12, 2018

Rick Stevenson, the Wayne Township Trustee, hosted the annual celebration honoring the 2018 scholarship winners at the township’s monthly board meeting.  Eleven students ranging from 5th to 11th graders received certificates and new internet-ready Amazon Fire 7 tablets, and four recent high school graduates going on to higher education received $500 scholarships.

Al'Yson Harris moved to Fort Wayne with her father from Florida, and she did not start at South Side High School until the beginning of her senior year.  Her school counselor wrote in her letter of recommendation that despite being the new kid on the block, Al'Yson quickly adjusted and was able to graduate in the top 20% of her class while tutoring younger students and taking a course at Trine University.  She was accepted at IUPUI in Indianapolis where she is pursuing majors in Dental Hygiene and Physical Therapy. 

Aschlee Holloway wrote in her personal essay that growing up she saw very little of her father and missed him greatly, but she used that experience to commit herself to succeeding no matter what.  Along with her schoolwork, she became active in her church youth group, the Brave Sisters Volunteer Organization, and she became the captain of her dance team.  This year she graduated from Northrup High School, applied to Indiana University, Bloomington and was accepted into the Indiana University Groups Scholars Program.

Chloe Mostes wrote in her personal statement that despite her family suffering financial setbacks growing up, her experience at Bishop Luers High School was a most valuable experience for her development.  There she he finished with high marks in honors courses including Honors Spanish and religious studies, and she made A+ grades in composition and writing.  She was instrumental in organizing a Community Gardens program that supplied fresh produce for the school cafeteria.  She has studied poverty extensively and will pursue psychology or teaching to continue helping others. She was accepted at and is currently studying at Indiana University in Bloomington. 

Chanel Tyra was described by her teachers as a student leader.  Despite challenges growing up, she studied hard at North Side High School, completing a practicum in Early Childhood Education.  At the same time, she worked a part-time job (buying herself her own car) and was named Most Valuable Player on her basketball team.  She was accepted at and is off to Marian University in Indianapolis whose women's basketball team was the 2016 and 2017 NAIA National Champions. 

Along with these graduating high school seniors, eleven younger students won Academic Encouragement Awards based on their applications that included personal essays and letters of recommendation: Mariah Craig, Naima Esters, William Holley, David Hunter, IJan'aiyan James, Sharia Macon-Lee, Citlali Monterroso, Martha Ngugi, NaSya Pickens, Maria Guadalupe Solis Valtierra, and Mary Wyatt.

Trustee Stevenson is proud that for the sixth year in a row the Township office has been able to help and encourage local young people to advance toward their educational goals.  This was done by fundraising both from the local community and from the Township Trustee Office’s own staff, not by using taxpayer dollars.  He said, “I want to thank everyone who worked on this project and those who donated to the cause.  And to our scholars--Congratulations!” 

Article provided by the Wayne Township office